A Whiter Shade of Pale
Versions - Martin's Collection

Total Number of Versions until today...1.125 - Updated 1 - May - 2.014

Latest additions...Alma Mater (Born to Be Live!) - The Bushmen (Original Classics) - Heart of Gold (Those Were The Days) - Mike Glenn (A Whiter Shade of Pale) - Procol Harum (Some Long Road)

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I'm from Barcelona, Spain and I'd like to show you, my, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Versions Collection.
This website it's dedicated to all the kind of versions of this song in any kind of languages, music styles, musicians etc...

"Vinyl collection, Lp's Singles, Maxis"

"Digital collection CD's, DVD's, Casettes and Video tapes"

If you are visiting this website, is because you also love this song.
Thanks to Gary Brooker & Keith Reid, to make this song, the song of our lives. I'm so grateful to Procol Harum to continue with their fantastic music until today.
I also want to thank to all those that one way or another, they have helped me and they have given me their support to continue this collection and overalls to all the musicians and singers of these cover versions, because with them, they demonstrate their great sensibility when offering a new vision of this song.
(I know that all they also love this song)


A Fantastic Collection!!

Keep Going on."

...Gary Brooker 2.001

"To Martin

with Best Wishes"

...Gary Brooker

Barcelona 2.001

Here you can visit my collection, where I'm sure you will find some interprets that you would never imagine.

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